How to stay motivated when your exams are nearly over

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Keeping your focus when the end is in sight

You're getting near the finish line. Most of the exams are behind you and there's just a handful to go. 

It's not time to take your foot off the gas just yet, though. The last exams are just as important as the first. You've got to keep going.

But that's hard when you're looking forward to a summer of no revision, and you've got friends finishing and in celebratory mood before you.

So, how do you keep the revision momentum when the scent of freedom grows ever stronger?



You can make it!

Avoid celebrating too soon

The relieved looks and occasional whoops after an exam are a pretty clear indication that for some students, the exam season is over. But it's not quite yet for you. 

There will be time for celebration and relaxation but you need to get all your exams out the way first.

It’s a tricky situation because your friends will finish exams at different times; some will be in the mood for big late-night celebrations while others will need to keep pressing on with revision for a few more days.

Maybe say a polite no to some invitations, because your time will come. Think about keeping a bit of a distance from friends whose exams are already over until yours are too? True friends will understand.


Keep up study habits that work 

You've done a lot of revision. You already have a pretty good idea of what techniques work for you. Now probably isn't the time to change it up dramatically.

Whatever combination of notes, cards, mind maps, quizzes and past papers works for you, stick with it. 

Stay motivated by thinking about what the revision is all about – a uni course, a job, personal pride? – and how great you'll feel when you get the results and see how well you've done.

Have a plan

For the last exams, you may find yourself with a bit more time and a bit less to do. Or you may have been mainly concentrating on your earlier exams and actually be in a bit of a panic about the last couple.

Whichever camp you fall into, decide how you want to divide up your time. You may already have a plan but if you don’t, it shouldn’t take long to jot down a timetable for the last few days of revision.

What are you going to revise and when? Remember to allow time for some much-needed breaks.

Keeping going is tough but YOU CAN DO IT. Good luck! 

How do you keep your motivation levels up? Have you got a holiday or treat planned for after exams, or is the thought of getting those grades all you need?

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