Letts revision guides

Preparing for tests and exams can be a stressful time. In addition to producing a range of revision resources to help you revise confidently, Letts have all sorts of advice and tips to help you through the quagmire of your exam.

Some of the revision products are highlighted below – in some of the key subject areas that are particularly crucial;


The Revise GCSE English book is defined as 'ultimate study guide', as it has everything in it that you need to achieve the GCSE Grade you want. Check out the contents page for an idea of the help you can expect. Chapters 1 – 4 could well help you in your discussions on The Student Room, particularly chapter 1 – writing to argue, persuade, advise...

It is written by GCSE Examiners, and gives you an insight into how your exam board will assess your work (balance of coursework versus exam) – and how to best focus your time accordingly.

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On the English podcasts, could you please change the text to: Why not check out the Letts podcasts available for studying Shakespeare, by either trying out the example below or click here to find out more...

What TSR users have said about Letts and Lonsdale revision guides:

I would suggest using the Letts and Lonsdale book as it really is useful and quite quick to learn from - Teagan

I found the Letts Maths Revision Guide the most useful - manic_fuzz

Try Letts Maths revision guide. They are very useful - gottastudy

I find Letts revision guides very helpful - Batmaz

I like Letts study books best because of the layout and the way they explain the stuff - Evanesyne

I suggest get a book by Letts - Sahds

I would recommend getting a Letts & Lonsdale revision guide. From my experience they are the best - Edwin Okli

I have the Letts books which are pretty :awesome: - natty_d

Letts Revision Guides are excellent for science - im so academic


This Letts GCSE revision guide helps you revise Maths with confidence, with clear, concise and accessible content in easy to understand sections, as well as quick tests to aid your exam preparation.


All GCSE science courses must cover certain factual detail such as 'How Science Works'. The Revise GCSE Science book breaks this particular element down into 4 main areas, and guides you through the ways in which different examining bodies include different material about ‘How Science Works.

To help you with the testing of your scientific skill (the situations are likely to be unfamiliar as these exam questions are not testing your powers of recall) there are sections at the end of each chapter of the GCSE Science book that help you to demonstrate this, alongside Exam Practice Questions that will give you an idea of what to expect in the exam hall...

Take a look inside the contents or click here to find out more about the book.

Letts also have podcasts available for GCSE Science, Additional Science and the separate sciences. Watch this podcast on 'How Science Works' and visit the website to listen to more clips or download different podcasts to iTunes.