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Whatever the subject and level, it's all here

Every resource created by students goes into our Resource Library. These might be mind maps, revision cards, quizzes or notes made using our revision tools, or uploaded files and online recommendations from the TSR community.

Together they make up one of the most extensive and useful collections of learning resources available anywhere online.

Get what you need in our Resource Library.

Find exactly what you want – quickly 

There are more than 300,000 resources in the library and they can be filtered by level, subject, exam board, topic, resource type and date.

So, if you want flashcards for AQA A-level English literature about The Great Gatsby you’ll be able to go straight to them.

Putting quality first

Students can rate resources out of five, and teachers can recommend resources they find useful and good quality.

This means that the best resources – rated as five-star or recommended by teachers – will always appear first in your search results.

Audio and video

Watching video and listening to podcasts are really popular revision methods. Sometimes visual and audio explanations make something much clearer than reading pages of text.

TSR members have uploaded over 2,000 videos and podcasts to the library.

Documents and presentations

Some of the most detailed and highly recommended resources come in the form of extensive and detailed documents and presentations. These could be notes on an entire course, or presentations that use visual effects to make a topic easy to understand.

TSR members have uploaded over 8,500 presentations and 25,000 documents to the library.

Help make the TSR Resource Library even better

Students just like you created this huge library and everyone can play a role in making it better:

• Create and share your own resources using the TSR revision tools (if you don’t want to share them for now that’s fine – just save them as ‘unpublished’)

• Found something fantastic? Rate the resources you come across so other users get a quick idea of their quality

For our other revision tools, go back to the resources hub.

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