Revision: get creative and take control

April is a time for many beautiful things. Daffodils. Lighter evenings. Remembering that you actually own summer clothes. But the shadow of impending exams and revision could cloud things over, if you let it.

Never fear, though: we can help April be a time to get creative and take control of your revision. Our study tools section has resources to help you prepare for exams at all levels. “It's such a clever and efficient way to find notes or help in whatever way you learn best,” says Luke, one of our student users. 

Here are just a few examples of what's available...

Study Planner

Study Planners

A plan of action is the key to all successful exam campaigns – if you just tear into it blindly, you'll stagger into the exam room a twitching mess, possibly having revised a subject you don't even study, on entirely the wrong day. 

Instead, why not use our study planner? You can add all of your exams for all your subjects quickly and easily. You can also tell us when you can't study – because the breaks are important, too – and we'll create a revision timetable that's tailor made to your life. 
To make sure you keep on track, you can set up email reminders for deadlines or for times when you need to revise (don't worry, we won't nag), and we'll even recommend useful resources that can help your revision. It's simple, easy, and free – sign up for it here


Flashcards are a time-honoured revision tradition, and are extremely versatile. You can create and print out your own flashcards on our site, including the essential key facts about a subject – great for jogging your memory. Then you can test yourself, or get together with your friends and help each other. 
You're not limited to one kind of flashcard, either. They can be configured to work as crosswords, quizzes and more, so if your brain responds better to a crossword than a list of facts, you can create the right kind of card for you. Get yours here



Sometimes it helps to see the big picture. Where does that formula fit into your organic chemistry studies? What effect did that battle have on the War of the Roses? That's where mindmaps can help. You can organise your key revision themes, ideas and subjects into big, bold maps that show how it all links together. 

Once again, we'll do the heavy lifting for you – our mindmap tool lets you add all the information you need and we'll create your own unique mindmap. We'll even let you pick the colour. “It's a genuine piece of art,” says user TheLiterary. “It encompasses ease of learning with fun and enjoyment.”

You can also print your map out and put it on the wall for reference – and because you're seeing it all the time, the information might just sneak into your head while you're not thinking about it. Revision that you don't even notice? Got to be a good thing. 

Start mapping your mind here

Get some help from fellow students

There are plenty of other resources on the site that fellow students have created (and rated) for you to use and share. They're great if you need a little inspiration for making your own revision aids, if you're running short on time, or if you fancy getting someone else's point of view on a subject. 

For example, a lot of our users love to learn from sample essays. They're written by students and annotated by teachers, so you can see what works, what doesn't, and what you need to include to write a top grade essay. 

There's a whole lot more in the study tools section, so explore your options and see how other students can help you – or how you can help them. “It gets me motivated, allows me to help others and even receive guidance for myself, it’s amazing!” says student Alfiya. Start your research right here

In other words...

Revising can be a terrible creature at first. But get organised and get creative with study tools and you could turn it – and your grades - into a thing of beauty. “I'm extremely happy,” says Dahir, another of our users. “It's helped me jump from level five and six to level eight in ALL, yes ALL my subjects in school.” 

Good luck, and have a good April!