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All the kit you need to get through your revision

Revision can take up a lot of time, but with the aid of a trusty revision kit, it needn't be such a chore! Here is a useful list of stationery and equipment you may want to buy.

Pens and writing implements

There's your staple biro and ballpoint pens, and then there's your wackier coloured gel pens to make things fun and visual, if you're that way inclined.

  • Black and/or blue pens. Typically you'll only be able to write in black pen for exams, but some studies have shown blue pen to be better for remembering what you wrote down so stocking up on both could be a good idea.
  • Pencils. Staedtler mechanical pencils are highly recommended because the lead doesn't get everywhere, they're well made, they're precise and they don't need sharpening! 
  • Coloured pens/pencils. Fineliners are great for writing notes, but you may also want to buy felt tips and/or colouring pencils.
  • Highlighters. Use lots of different colours to pick out different points. Pastel ones are often best for being able to read the text beneath

hallamstudents says: "I am a very visual learner and like to use a lot of colour on my notes. I like to use the Bic Crystal coloured pens, A3 paper to brainstorm and regular lined paper for notes. I find use of colour helps me to remember things and helps to distinguish certain topics."

And Peachy2000 says: "I use Muji 0.38 gel pens, index cards and draw banners for my titles. Previously I've used Zebra ballpoints (I just use them for practice questions now) and Stabilo fine liners."


Whether it's in notebooks or as loose sheets, you will probably need A4 and A3 paper – A3 being the ideal size for larger mind maps.

  • Lined paper. This is essential for writing notes.
  • Plain paper. This is useful both for making mind maps and information posters. 
  • Squared paper. If you're studying maths or science subjects then squared paper is best for drawing graphs etc. and some people find it works best for notes too. 
  • Flashcards. While many now swear by online flashcard generators, there's nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned coloured cards to write out by hand instead! 

BTAnonymous says: "I suggest buying lots of lined paper, if you have the money (because they're a little expensive considering the time they get used in) then buy Pukka pads! They're really great as they come with high quality paper and you can buy one or two for each subject so you can easily keep all your notes in one place."



Here are all the other things that are handy to have around.

  • Paper clips. These are really useful for holding random bits of paper together. 
  • Hole punch. To file your notes in a ringbinder to keep them organised!
  • Stapler. And obligatory staples, too. This is probably not strictly necessary, but many people like to group paper together more securely than paper clips do.
  • Sticky notes. Stick them everywhere! Hell, even stick them to your cat or dog*.
  • Tipp-Ex. There are many different types, but the pen is pretty nifty and better when you're trying to be accurate.
  • Ruler. So useful it should probably be above most of these other items...
  • Sellotape and/or glue stick. Useful (predictably) for sticking stuff around the place.
  • A clear pencil case. While this is really for your exams rather than revision, you should buy it at the same time as your other materials to avoid that first exam day panic that you've forgotten it! 

*In the interests of animal cruelty, please do NOT stick sticky notes, or anything else, to your cat or dog. Or any other animal.

CalicoP recommends "Post-it Notes definitely, stick them around the house with random facts on them," while stargirl001 likes "those little sticky things you use to mark pages in books. Like Post-it Notes but tiny little strips."

Calculator and ruler and other kit

Optional/if you need them

  • Geometry set. 
  • Calculator. Not so optional for STEM subjects.
  • Pencil sharpener. For if you've got more traditional pencils.

What are your essential pieces of stationery for revision?

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