SAMLearning is a paid-for revision website, for which schools can buy mass subscriptions. Its content is based around the idea that doing exam practice improves exam results.


It contains material relevant to nearly all English and Welsh national exams between Key Stages 1 and Key Stage 5.

There are past exam papers for most mainstream A-Level, GCSE and SAT subjects, which are intended to be printed, thus improving skills such as use of mathematical instruments, which cannot be tesed online. Once completed, the student can access an online markscheme, mark their work and receive an instant grading. There are also many drag-and-drop multiple-choice quizzes. The SamLearning database records all of your test data, which allows you to track your progress.

SAMLearning has been trialled vigorously and studies have shown regular users have achieved at least grade higher in their exams than those who did not use the site.

SAMLearning is a successful revision website which is now in use in thousands of schools throughout the UK, It is usually considered as one of the best revision websites to use when studying for upcoming exams whether there SATS, GCSES or A Levels.

Applications of the site

Each user has their own ID and password as well as a school ID code. The site can be accessed from any computer with the internet, so can be used from home or at school.

Students can complete any of the activities at any time, and teachers can also have accounts and set homework online, for example an exercise relevant to a recent lesson, which is marked by the student. Teachers can also view your progress records at any time.


This is a valuable revision site and well worth looking into.

It has a lot more content than BBC bitesize and involves the pupil much more.

Personally, I found the drag-and-drop to be simplistic and underwhelming, and the exam-style questions aren't always properly differentiated between the boards, at GCSE at least, but the site is well put together and easy to use, so many find it useful Mr Dactyl 16:56, 7 June 2007 (BST)