Sat reasoning test and sat ii: subject tests

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SAT I and SAT II tests

SAT: Reasoning Test

The SAT: Reasoning Test (also informally dubbed as SAT I) is an examination that is conducted by the non-profit organization, the College Board. Formerly, SAT stood for Scholastic Assessment Tests, but since 1997, SAT is no longer an acronym.

The SAT: Reasoning Test has three components: Maths, Critical Reading and Writing. Each section is given a score out of 800. The exam lasts a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes exculding the 5 minute and 1 minte breaks in between sections of the test. Calculators of any kind are allowed for the Maths section. All answers must be made using a standard #2 pencil. The exam results are usually released within two weeks of the exam, although rushed results can be ordered by paying an addtional fee. The SAT exams are held seven times a year. The exam costs around $49.00, along with an additional 'international fee' for students taking this exam outside the United States.

Students that intend to do this examination must register approximately one month before the exam, as the deadlines for the exams are quite early. Registration can be done either online or by mail. To register by mail, please contact your nearest U.S. Consulate Office.

SAT: Subject Tests

The SAT: Subject Tests (also called SAT II) are tests given in individual subjects. These subjects are:

  • English (Literature)
  • History and Social Studies
    • U.S. History
    • World History
  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics Level IC
    • Mathematics Level IIC
  • Science
    • Biology
      • Biology E (Evolution)
      • Biology M (Molecular)
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • Languages
    • Chinese with Listening
    • French
    • French with Listening
    • German
    • German with Listening
    • Spanish
    • Spanish with Listening
    • Modern Hebrew
    • Italian
    • Latin
    • Japanese with Listening
    • Korean with Listening

Again scores are between 200 and 800. These exams cost around $25 each.


Why take the SATs?

The SAT Reasoning Tests are a requirement by the majority of U.S. Universities for undergraduate studies. ACT exams are accepted as an alternative. More competitive universities demand up to three SAT: Subject Tests in addition to the SAT: Reasoning Test. The scores of the SAT:Reasoning Test (and the SAT:Subject Tests, if required) are used by universities to guage the ability of the student alongside the other application materials.

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