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How TSR can help you with your studies

Whether you're stuck on that last impossible maths question or don't know your Shakespeare from your Steinbeck the Study Help forum will have the answer for you. The Student Room has vibrant community of students of all ages and abilities all eager to help out, ask questions and delve deeper into any tricky study dilemmas. Thousands of students every year gain valuable support and help with their homework, revision and exams related issues. 

Here's the 3 key ways TSR can help you with your studies:



The run up to exams can be a stressful time for any student. So if you’re struggling with maths prep or not sure how to stop yourself from procrastination there’s someone on TSR going through the exact same thing and will be there to help you out.
Go directly to the revision and study tips forum to ask your own question or read advice from other students. 


Every year TSR reaches fever pitch during the exam season. Specific threads are made up for each exam where students come to discuss what likely topics will be coming up and how best to prepare for them. After exams the community come together to share their experiences, celebrate with each other or offer condolences and advice on next steps. All main subjects will have a specific exams sub forum, which you’ll need to look out for if you want to ask a question about a particular exam.

Select your subject here from the forum list- check out what others are saying about your most tricky subjects, or ask your own questions. 


Throughout the year students post on TSR for help with all manner of different study queries. Often users have homework related issues which they need help with; posting in the correct subject forum is crucial to get the specialised knowledge that is needed. Students also come to TSR to discuss how they’re feeling about their current courses, where emotional support is also offered as well as specific study help. 

Choose your specific forum to post general questions about your study level:
A-Level forum here/ GCSE forum here/ IB forum here/ SQA forum here/BTEC forum here 


Teachers- How to get the most out of TSR

Help your students with their studies:[/U]
TSR offers a multitude of resources and tools for GCSE level and A level students. Our study tools are completely free to use and students can create their own or learn from other created resources. The study help forum is a great place for students to chat to older students who have already been in their shoes and can give up to date first hand advice on their specific subjects. This kind of peer to peer support is what keeps students coming back time and time again.

Check out all the resources TSR has to offer here, and the Study Planner can be found here

Careers info

Help your students with their Uni applications:

Choosing what to do after sixth form or college can be a huge headache for students and teachers alike. Save time with our Personal Statement builder; students can put together their own well-written statement while avoiding common mistakes and clichés. This helps them out on each step of the way and saves time for both teacher and students. 

Our dedicated Clearing and Uni Applications forums are supported by a UCAS trained team of volunteers who are online helping with any eventuality. While Student Finance has representatives answering trickier questions on a day to day basis. 

Student Finance forum Applications and UCAS forum 

Study tools and resources

Create your own revision resources right here on TSR. We provide you with the tools to make your own mind maps, flashcards, crosswords, quizzes and more. Share your finished study resources with other members of TSR and keep them all safely filed together. Make your own resources here
Or, you can delve into the other resources already created by our community. We’ve got 1000’s of helpful resources already made by students which has with their studies. Check out the bank of student created resources here 

Top Tip: Look out for the star rating next to each resource as this will show you how helpful other students have found it. 


Study Planner:

Create a plan around your life and manage your time more effectively to boost your grades. The Study Planner on TSR will take out the stress of creating your own timetable as it will automatically add your revision sessions and prioritise difficult subjects. Completely customisable and really easy to use. Use the Study planner all year to schedule all your classes, revision and fun stuff too!

Create your own here 
Top Tip: read our article on how to make a great study planner for exam success.