The best online tutoring services - review roundup

No matter what stage of education you happen to be in at any point, one of the handy things about living in the modern era is that - as long as you have access to the internet - you have far more options for learning than ever before.

One of the fastest growing and most popular ways to do this right now is with online tutors. Without ever leaving your home, you can get help learning everything from languages to guitar or even advanced mathematics at everything from GCSE all the way to PhD levels.


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Be sure to check out our full guide on what to expect from online tutoring for all the information you could possibly want on the subject. That said, with online tutoring being such a rapidly growing sector, you are more or less spoilt for choice when it comes to companies and websites that will offer private online tutoring sessions.

In order to make the whole process just that little bit easier, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up reviews for some of the internet’s most notable online tutoring services for the UK and beyond, so that you’ve got one handy place to check to find out which company you want to try out. These reviews are scoured from around the net and brought directly to you right here and now. Isn’t that nice?

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MyTutor - 9.4/10 TrustScore

At present, MyTutor ranks the highest amongst the UK selections, according to the user-based reviews on TrustPilot. Currently, the service is sitting with a TrustScore of 9.4/10 and a whopping 85% ‘Excellent’ rating, gathered through 289 reviews. Most of the reviews listed on the site from November 2018 speak about tutors who seem to spend a lot of time planning their lessons, with a leaning towards GCSE-age students, though there is no age limit on the service.

Tutorful - 9/10 TrustScore

Tutorful has a TrustScore of 9/10 and an ‘Excellent’ rating of 80%, though this rating has been gathered through vastly more reviews than MyTutor, with Tutorful’s score being the result of 1244 user ratings. The service offers everything from musical lessons to advanced mathematics tutors, with some of the highest praise discussing the lack of hassle for payments, the ease of the application process and more.

Tutor Hunt - 9.4/10 TrustScore

Arguably the highest rated online tutoring site around when taking the amount of ratings into consideration is Tutor Hunt - a service with an ‘Excellent’ rating of 87% across 1093 reviews and a TrustScore of 9.4. With figures like that, it’s hard not to advise checking it out. Some of the praise focuses on the high calibre of language tutors available.


We’ll keep this page updated and filled out with more review round up scores for the various online tutoring services and websites out there, in order to help you make the very best and most informed choice you can. Be sure to check back here often for more services and updates.