What study space are you?

In the thick of exams, TSR members have been sharing pictures of their study spaces.

Studying in the bedroom


Do any of these seem familiar? Have a look and then vote in the poll. Whatever kind of study space is yours, it's always good to know you're not alone.

1) Immersive

You've basically given your room a new wallpaper of colourful post-its, mind maps and other revision notes. There's no way you'll forget any details in the exam.


2) Artistic

Your study space is your sanctuary and you keep it organised and beautifully decorated. There's nothing like calm to help you stay relaxed and focused. 


3) Organised

Everything is planned out in detail, and you know exactly what you need to revise and when you need to revise it by. 


4) Got supplies

You've got a nice array of snacks, sweets and drinks to help keep your energy up during revision - you've probably got a kettle in your room, too. Just remember: don't drink and derive. 

Got supplies

5) Minimal tech

You don't use a lap-top or the internet to revise, all you need is your notes and textbooks.

Minimal tech

6) High tech

At the other end of the spectrum, you've got every technical gadget under your belt to help you get through. One monitor is never enough. 

High tech

7) Minimalist

There's no fuss here - you have all you need, with no clutter or extra notes to distract your attention.


8) Organised chaos

It looks like a mess, but you know exactly where the notes are for every subject. The moment you tidy up, you have no idea where anything is... so you don't.

Organised Chaos

So, which kind of study space are you? Let us know in the comments below, or look at the thread directly and take part in the poll!