Your TSR exam season toolkit

The Student Room has been buzzing with revision chatter, exam predictions and anticipation over when the next unofficial mark scheme will be uncovered. Last week we broke a record with 400,000 of you checking in to TSR on Wednesday after a day crammed with Maths exams – that’s the equivalent of us filling Wembley Stadium up nearly five times. 

With so many exams still to come we’re set to become even busier. Here’s our guide to becoming a member of the biggest student study help community in the world and our guide to taking advantage of all the amazing things we have to offer.

Study Help forums

We have 28 subject specific study help forums where you can post your questions about course work, projects or exams across the year. 

Revision & Study Tips

Check out this forum for the weekly exam discussion thread directories. It’s also a great place to share and offer advice on revision tips and managing exam pressure. 

Revision Help hub

We create new articles full of revision and exam tips every week. If you haven't already check out our hub and join in with the discussion. These articles are inspired by what is trending on the TSR. If students are sharing great stuff we'll write about it and let you know about it in our weekly newsletter, as well as adding it to the hub. 

Exam study help forums

We have specific forums for EnglishMathsBiologyChemistry and Physics. If you’re looking to start a question this summer or looking for a specific exam paper discussion look here first. Most of the AQA, OCR and Edexcel exam papers are likely to have their own revision and exam discussion threads, but some of the other boards might not. This year we also have lots of very popular threads for WJEC, CIE, iGCSE and CEAA. Always check first: if you find your exam join the discussion. If you don’t have any success don’t be afraid to start a new discussion. The chances are you won’t be alone and plenty of students are browsing the forum in the quest to find the same discussion as you. 

How to create an awesome revision or exam discussion thread

People are far more likely to get involved in your thread if they know what it’s about as soon as they read the title. These are the things you need to include: 

  • The exam board
  • The level is it iGCSE/GCSE/AS/A2 or other
  • The name of the topic and/or unit.

This is a great example: Edexcel AS Economics unit 1 (11th May 2015) - Competitive Markets Exam thread 
If you want to start a discussion on an IB or SQA exam it’s best to use the dedicated IB and Scottish Qualifications forum. 

Unofficial mark schemes and model answer threads

These are little bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. These are created by members of the community who make a thread to share their answers. 

This year we have also seen groups of members work together to create a model answer thread. Members work together to share their answers and collaborate to complete an answer sheet. This happens either in a new discussion thread in the subject forum or in the current revision or exam thread. 

Do the TSR community team know if a mark scheme will be released on the forum?


We have no idea! But as soon the Community or Study Help team find one we promote it to help as many students as possible find it. If you’ve come online in hope of finding a mark scheme these are the best places to go

  • The TSR 2015 unofficial mark scheme directory
  • Keep an eye on the subject study help forum
  • See if the New on TSR box has updated signposting a new mark scheme
  • Watch out for a discussion on the “Most popular” tab on the home page

Boost your revision with our free learning tools

We have a ton of teacher-rated tools which have been created by students. These include flashcards, mind maps and quizzes and are free to download; you can also create your own resources online. If you find one that really helps, you can also upload it into revision threads and discuss it with others. This is a great way of building an online study group. 

Past exam paper library

We have GCSE and A-level past papers for OCR, AQA and Edexcel. Answering past paper questions as part of revision is a great way to build confidence before going into the exam hall. Our advice on how to maximise your revision from past paper questions is here. 

Create an online quiz

On Thursday I discovered a brilliant F211 biology revision quiz which had started at 8.30pm. The quiz covered past paper questions, predicted topics and anything else that was relevant to the exam spec. anyone could join this quiz and anyone who missed the start could still get involved. By the end it had also created a new awesome revision resource that other members could learn from. 
This is a super way of meeting other students who are sitting the same exams as you, as well as picking up last minute advice and support. 
Anyone can set these up, just make sure you set the thread up a few hours before the start so members can include this in their revision schedule.

Keep an eye on Twitter

We share the exam discussion threads daily on Twitter to help students find them on the move. If you have a Twitter account follow us on @thestudentroom for the latest exam content. If you have created a revision and exam predictions thread and would like us to promote it just drop us an @mention and we'll do that for you.