Nine moments that sum up how your GCSE exams played out in 2024

student throwing away exam papers

Looking back over an intense six weeks

Can you believe it? GCSEs are finally done, summer is here, and it's yours for the taking. You'll never forget those hectic past few weeks – and you'll definitely remember some of these big moments.

Throughout this year's GCSEs, we've been sharing post-exam reactions from around all the socials.

From a case of mistaken identity in the Birling household during English through to (another) brain-melting circles question at the end of maths, some of these are going to stay with you for a while. 

Here's our pick from all the stories of GCSEs 2024.

1. Half the country mixing up Mr and Mrs Birling in English Literature Paper 2

2. Mass amnesia when trying to find countries on a map in Geography Paper 2

@sainaithewaffler Nearly cried tears of happiness when i saw the water transfer scheme question 😝😝😝😝 #gcsegeography #aqageography #gcse #geographygcse ♬ original sound - local audio plug 🖤

3. Everyone completely losing it when asked to write about Dick in English Language Paper 1

4. Edexcel closing Maths Paper 3 with a picture from Voldemort's doodle pad

5. Kasim's strange jar obsession in Maths Paper 1

6. Sticking to your guns with 392 or 947 after Chemistry Paper 1

7. Loving thy neighbour in every religious studies question ever

8. Chickens just all over the show in Biology Paper 2

9. Coming to terms with it all being actually over

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