Students react after A-level Biology Paper 1 on 5 June 2024

Biology student concept art

Tadpole moments

It’s not easy doing the sciences at A-level, with all the exams coming at the back end of the timetable. But biology is underway at last, so how did people get on with paper 1?

Frisky frogs got a lot of attention, while there were sugar rushes to deal with and some questions that had people literally going off on a tangent.

We’ve rounded up some top social reactions below - and you can tap the links to go straight to exam chat for each paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

OK, OK, can we just give those frogs some privacy please?

Was there anyone who liked the OCR paper?

Some are feeling just a bit stunned

However it went, there were silver linings to be found…

What people are saying about A-level Biology Paper 1 on The Student Room

It was alright better then the past papers I’ve done before


I spent so long just trying to work out what the data was even saying. So many topics I’d revised and gotten down to a T didn’t come up😭 where was the muscle contraction? Xylem and phloem? Heart? Gas exchange in lungs, fish.etc???!!!


honestly they made the whole paper have so much reading to do before answering questions it was not normal, i spent my time reading n trying to understand the extracts given more than answering, i acc shed a tear

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