Students react after A-level Biology Paper 1 on 7 June 2023

biology student

It was a big immunity booster

So that’s A-level Biology Paper 1 done and dusted, now it's time dissect it.

There was overcooked cytokinesis and a virus that may or may not have had mitochondria. Hopefully the exam board’s immune to criticism...

Scroll down for some strong memes - and check the links below to take a closer look at each paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

That paper was a crime...and AQA wants full immunity

The virus may or may not have had mitochondria

Hold up…who let cytokinesis cook those cells?

Maybe it was all a dream?

What people are saying about A-level Biology Paper 1 on The Student Room

that paper was horrific why was there so many application questions WTH


thought that was a good paper overall. loved the 15 marker at the end. primrose kittens predictions were all wrong though lol


I really didn’t like that paper and I ran out of time !! I deffo struggled

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