Students react after A-level Biology Paper 2 on 14 June 2024

Biology students concept art

Time to dissect it

Well, that's another one down for A-level Biology. Let's put Paper 2 under the microscope.

A lot of people revised for topics that didn't show up, but at least the extinct thylacine made an appearance. 

Scroll down for some of the best online reactions to the exam - and tap the links below to chat about A-level Biology on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


So it definitely could have gone better

All that revision...for what?

The less said about those six markers, the better

But thanks to Tasmanian tigers for saving that exam

What people are saying about A-level Biology Paper 2 on The Student Room

all the key words diffused out of my head man icl i aint looking at no unofficial ms to protect my peace


What was that electrophoresis question where you had to draw it out literally never seen anything like that before 😭


i thought that paper was really good; no osmoregulation and very little topic 8 is saying something about paper 3 though

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