Students react after A-level Biology Paper 3 on 21 June

Biology concept art

Who saw that one coming?

So there we go, A-level Biology is in the can with the last in a series of papers that - fairly unexpectedly - ignored the very existence of photosynthesis.

Some of the questions that showed up instead had people feeling conflicted, but how was it for you?

Check out reactions from the internet below, or tap those links to join the conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


This one wasn't easy to predict...

...unless your name's Estruch of course

And AQA's paper seemed kinda...familiar?

But there's only love for that membranes question

What people are saying about A-level Biology Paper 3 on The Student Room

Paper overall was good, timing was an issue for me so didn't have time to finish off Q6 to make sure I had time for the essay. For the essay I barely had enough time to write 4 paragraphs because i was thinking what i could write about. My last paragraph wasn't fully complete :/ but i still explained the importance like the question asked


Why was there still so much immunity in this paper?


Genuinely the hardest paper 3 I’ve seen

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