Students react after A-level Business Paper 1 on 14 May 2024

Business concept art

Time and emotion

So that's Paper 1 of A-level Business all wrapped up, and fingers crossed you've bagged yourself a nice competitive advantage going into Paper 2.

With a swift SWOT analysis of the paper, we're seeing questions on leadership and price skimming as definite strengths, while human resource management...well, that's straight in with the threats.

Down the page, we've pulled together some of the top reactions to today's exam. And you'll find more chat about Paper 1 on The Student Room - here are the links...

Exam discussion on The Student Room

The jitters are real in the run-up

But who knew two hours could go by so fast?

Then that page-turning moment that everyone’s hoping for…

And if all else fails...well, you know the drill

What people are saying about A-level Business Paper 1 on The Student Room

I hope who ever wrote this papers pillow is cold on both sides tonight. Was such a good paper


Who else got cooked


Was alright actually, just didn't like the two choice of essays at the end

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