Students react after A-level Business Paper 1 on 23 May 2023

business meeting

Lord Sugar will see you now

Well, A-level Business Paper 1 is a done deal. But did you get a bargain or are you feeling short-changed? 

There are handshakes all round, and not just because some feel like their fate is in someone else's hands. Plus, one question really put the ‘emotional’ in emotional branding.

Here’s how the internet responded - and follow these links to find more revision and exam chat for A-level Business on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


The emotional branding question received an emotional response

For some, it was business as usual...

...but not everyone feels like they got a good deal

At the end of the day, all you can do is pray

What people are saying about A-level Business Paper 1 on The Student Room

That was so bad I had no time I missed half the 10 marker and the 12 marker in section b just to answer the 20 marker and that was even so rushed and who got 0.52% for the second maths q


fully messed up a 20 marker and 12 and 4 marker 😭, paper 2 better carry me


Pretty nice paper. PED and YED 9 marker was the hardest for me. Nice 25 on contingency planning

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