Students react after A-level Business Paper 2 on 21 May 2024

business plan concept art

Musk be time for another business paper...

Anyone getting exam season deja vu yet? 

Hot on the heels of paper 1, which seems like it basically happened yesterday, A-level Business Paper 2 came hurtling into view. But was it pure profit or just taking the biz?

Head down the page for our pick of today’s top student reactions - and try the links below to join the exam chat on The Student Room

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Edexcel should really be blushing right now

And maybe Elon should too

Those exam nerves have some still in ‘glass half empty’ mode…

@laylaaaxo1 Forgot what lean production was but oh well #alevels2024 #edexcelbusiness ♬ GOOD EXAM VIBES - FIU

But when those 20 markers hit the spot…well, it gets emotional

What people are saying about A-level Business Paper 2 on The Student Room

I am so so so cooked , that trade union question was the end of me.


Someone finished 20 mins or more earlier next to me and I was writing till the last second 😭 they’re smart tho so it wasn’t cuz they skipped stuff


Jesus that last 20 marker was great idc that the section 2 10 and 12 marker sucked I think I got an A on this one and my timing was GREAT

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