Students react after A-level Business Paper 3 on 6 June 2024

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Time flies when you're not having fun

So you’ve secured your exit from A-level Business after some tough negotiations in Paper 3.

It looks like a lot of people are in the red after there was just wasn't enough time to finish everything.

But how was it for you? Scroll down to find out how the internet got on with Paper 3 - and follow the links below for more chat on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

The timing was definitely off

And that was a tough one...especially section B

@leahcharlotteee Making tiktoks so this becomes a laughable matter and not actually serious xxx #edexcelbusiness #alevel #paper3 #businessalevel ♬ original sound - HBO

Would you be happy to break even?

@leahcharlotteee Literally had to rely on my himan geography knowledge because what was that… #edexcelbusiness #alevel #paper3 #businessalevel ♬ original sound - s9tya

So, what's your exit plan?

What people are saying about A-level Business Paper 3 on The Student Room

Was kind of annoyed that there wasn't loads of data to manipulate :/ Like there was some for the slushies question but nothing else really


was an alr paper, I completed all the questions, however quality and quantity of writing was sm worse than my last 2 papers overall I didn’t like it, a lot of people in my class ran out of time too and a few people admitted it was the worst paper


disgusting timing ngl. but weren't a bad paper overall. pretty light calculations and light knowledge needed. just didnt have enough time to go into detail and was spamming application and context to try make up for it

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