Students react after A-level Business paper 3 on 14 June 2023

Business concept art

Taken care of business

So time is up on A-level Business, with Paper 3 monopolising everyone's time this morning.

But was this exam a market leader or a failed venture?

Read on for reactions from around the web - and tap those links below to join in the conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Those jitters were strong ahead of the paper

Sometimes you've just got to get through it

Bodhi was in danger of taking things a little off topic

But hopefully you can relate to some of these feelings...

What people are saying about A-level Business Paper 3 on The Student Room

The paper was going so well until those last two question


The last 2 questions I was waffling hard, unfortunately I didn't have time to make them solid essays


it wasn’t that bad! the questions were probably best out of all 3 papers imo. my timings were just awful as usual so i missed a whole 10 marker and didn’t get to write a judgement for the last 20 marker. other than that i feel like i’ve kind of redeemed myself so i’m happy

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