Students react after A-level Chemistry Paper 1 on 12 June 2023

Chemistry concept art

Ah, A-level Chemistry. We've been expecting you...

As if A-level Chemistry isn't hard enough, all the exams happen when everyone else is pretty much getting finished.

But still, paper 1 is now (finally) out of the way...and it's left a trail of smoking reactions in its wake.

Scroll down to check some of the best memes and takes from around the internet - or tap the links below to chat about each paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


It's paper 1, you're hoping for a gentle start, and then...

But there were some questions that found their fans

Until AQA lobbed this one into the mix...

And OCR wasn't going to be outdone...

What people are saying about A-level Chemistry Paper 1 on The Student Room

I failed this paper I was so confused when I opened it and it was transition metals I didn't prepare myself for that


i feel all the stuff i could do was in the second half of the exam and the first half just threw me off


Was expecting worse tbh. Quite liked it. The free energy graph tho wtf literally made stuff up

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