Students react after A-level Economics Paper 3 on 7 June 2024

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Aaaand, that's a wrap

Yes, it's true - you really did it. A-level Economics is over...forever. But how was Paper 3?

The 25 markers were off the charts, while some are feeling out of pocket...there just wasn't enough time to do everything.

Keep scrolling for the online reaction to the exam. And you can chat about the final economics paper on The Student Room - here are the links:

Exam discussion on The Student Room

So, that was actually alright...

...or was it?

And time just disappeared, thanks to those 25 markers

At least you don't have to worry about economics anymore

What people are saying about A-level Economics Paper 3 on The Student Room

I really liked the actual paper but the multiple choices were not my favourite


yeah multiple choice questions were so awful why did there need to be so many tables and little theory


That paper brought my grade right down to an F

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