Students react after A-level English Literature Paper 1 on 24 May 2024

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We're just getting started...

So we've closed the chapter on A-level English Literature Paper 1, but was this one a bestseller or straight into the bargain bin?

Othello, Hamlet and Streetcar students were giving out critical acclaim on some of the popular questions that came up. But there was still room for a few unexpected plot twists along the way.

Scroll down for our pick of the reactions to today's paper - and tap the links below to join the discussion from your own exam. 

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Things were less tragic than expected

Hamlet questions were hitting the mark

And it's an English exam, so waffles are ALWAYS on the menu

However it went - it's time for a breather...

What people are saying about A-level English Literature Paper 1 on The Student Room

I struggled to find connections between Iago being an anti-hero and his attitudes towards love. The topics individually are fine but I was waffling to find connections between them


guysss that paper was GORGEOUS! i did hamlets relationship with ophelia and for streetcar i did blanches relationship with mitch.
ughhh edexcel you have my whole heaartt


i had to rush my tempest discursive and i only did 2 main body paragraphs 😭

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