Students react after A-level English Literature Paper 2 on 5 June 2024

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Poetry in motion

Well, A-level English Literature is finished - but Paper 2 was a real cliffhanger. 

Just when that exam felt like the perfect ending, Mr Sloane turned up to spoil the party...hang on, who?

Read on to find out how the internet reacted. And tap the links below to join the conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

So that was pretty, pretty good

But wait, who's Mr Sloane?!

And it wouldn't be a literature exam without plenty of waffle

At last, that's the end of that chapter

What people are saying about A-level English Literature Paper 2 on The Student Room

Ooooh. I cooked. I slayed. I ate the house DOWN


guys what the hell was that dystopia extract. not impressed.


Call me Gordon Ramsey cos I cooked 🫡🫡

Jakey B
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