Students react after A-level English Literature Paper 3 on 14 June 2024

Literature student concept art

It could have been verse

So it was poetry day for everyone taking Edexcel’s A-level English Literature exams, with the freedom of summer beckoning on the other side.

But was this an exam of poetic perfection, or just a bunch of assonance?

We’ve rounded up some of the top reactions from around the social sphere. Check them out below, or zip straight into the exam chat with these links.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Some of the poetry brought tears to the eyes

And getting through the exam wasn’t easy

Until it was time to get Romantic

But that feeling when ‘pens down’ time comes around

What people are saying about A-level English Literature Paper 3 on The Student Room

section a was stunning, section b i might have been a bit rogue using on this day i complete my 36th year with ode on melancholy to present the idea of melancholy, but i feel like i made it work by saying how on this day is quite contradictory perhaps due to melancholy of byron’s past


Idk it was kinda mid 💀 other papers were better luckily so not the end of the world, I did out of the bag for section A despite saying to myself I would skip it if it came up but the other question was worse imo, Keats was okay, love On the Sea and hate Eve of St Agnes so that made the choice easier.


Didn’t particularly like the Rossetti questions, and my question a was probably waffle

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