Students react after A-level Geography Paper 2 on 3 June 2024

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Lost in the world

So we're back from half term with A-level Geography Paper 2 - and it sounds like it was a tough one to navigate.

There was an ice-cold reception to the Antarctica question, but at least regeneration has given some a new lease of life...

Here's the full lowdown. And follow the links below to explore Paper 2 on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Well, who needs another week off after that paper?

Edge cities had everyone on edge...

...and there's been an icy response to that Antarctica question

At least regeneration gave some a new lease of life...but not all

What people are saying about A-level Geography Paper 2 on The Student Room

I’ll be honest that Antarctica question cooked me I did not expect it to come up again. That soils question was really weird too. Not a good paper


global gov 20 marker was okay, talked about climate change and atmosphere and also antarctica
changing places 20 marker was really nice
CUE 20 marker was fairly okay i just waffled about the types of sustainability and LDDC and city challenge


Thanking lord I’m never writing a geography essay in my life. Thought all the 20 markers were nice. Only weird thing was it was an R paper.

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