Students react after A-level History Paper 3 on 11 June 2024

History teacher concept art

Gone and forgotten

Well, A-level History is now a thing of the past. But what will be Paper 3's legacy? 

History repeated itself as two topics from last year's exam came up, while a tough source question hasn't stopped the celebrations.

See how the internet reacted below, and hit the links for more chat about the final history paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

So that wasn't actually bad...

...apart from that source question

The best part of that exam was finishing it...

@damo.vx All my A-Levels are done today but HISTORY WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL. #alevels #exams #fyp #alevelhistory ♬ original sound - 👑 damien

...because it's over. A-level History is finally over!

What people are saying about A-level History Paper 3 on The Student Room

Edexcel are so odd they repeated two topics from last year lol, source was a complete surprise topic because it was a depth question last year but it was a good paper 🙏🙏


was anyone shocked by the fact that in the lanc yorkist hvii paper the breadth questions were both breadth 2 💀💀 im cooked i picked the finance one and started yapping about war and diplomacy and parliament 😭😭


That Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII paper was so awful wtf I hate edexcel so bad. the source question was good but the actual source was so bad like you could barely even infer anything from it. the duke of York question was so good but they did 2 breadth 2 questions???!!!?!?! I only revised breadth 1 as well like I genuinely almost killed myself when I saw that. either way i think i secured myself a B overall so idgaf I NEVER HAVE TO DO HISTORY EVER AGAIN YAYYY!!!

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