Students react after A-level Maths Paper 1 on 4 June 2024

maths equation concept art

Wait, this just doesn't add up

So, A-level Maths Paper 1 and there was no easing you in gently. It can't get much harder than this, can it?

Everyone's spiralling after the circle question, while integration was anything but seamless.

Scroll down to see the internet's reaction - and click the links below to chat about Paper 1 on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Integration has got everyone feeling divided

And the circle question sent some spiralling

But let's hope that Paper 2 is better...

...because surely it can't get any worse

What people are saying about A-level Maths Paper 1 on The Student Room

Is it just me who found it so difficult downwards the end omds I'm so scared rn


Bro the integration **** ME i kept getting 0 and nothing was working. i tried substitution, by parts, reverse chain. my head was about to burst honestly


that paper was sm harder compared to all past papers i did im so cooked wtf was that

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