Students react after A-level Maths Paper 2 on 11 June 2024

Maths student concept art

Going in circles

Maths Paper 2 is done! You never have to look at a circle again in your life! OK, circles are everywhere and you'll see them literally every second of every day. But at least you'll never ever have to deal with numbers ever again...

It's fair to say the reactions to the exam are mixed - take a look below to see where you fit on the scale.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Round and round we go...

Some thought the Edxcel paper was a dream...

...others not so much

What people are saying about A-level Maths Paper 2 on The Student Room

It was okay, the questions I got I slayed, but very few of them I completely flunked. I hate vectors but still think I got some of the answers for those


Yeah I’m cooked guys


Anyone else thought the paper was quite tricky? I couldn’t answer that 5 mark mechanics question for X, R and P, also didn’t have a clue for any of the proof

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