Students react after A-level Maths Paper 2 on 13 June 2023

Maths concept art

Trig warning

Calculators away, pens down - it's time to turn the page on A-level Maths Paper 2.

But did this latest excursion into pure maths tan your hide, or was it all just easy as pi?

Here are some of the top memes and reactions from around the web - and remember to click on the links below for exam chat and unofficial markschemes on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

So who spotted the old 'false sense of security' trick?

Because then things escalated real quickly

And then it's sunny outside and exams have been going on mostly forever...

Paper 1 or Paper 2 then? The jury's out

What people are saying about A-level Maths Paper 2 on The Student Room

Second half of that paper nearly killed me


Didn’t have time to attempt the trig question and skipped the parametric one, could have been better


I thought it went really well! Even for the harder questions which I didn’t fully complete, was nice enough to get method marks

That trig question tho???

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