Students react after A-level Maths Paper 3 on 20 June

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It's over, it's so over

So you can finally subtract A-level Maths from your life, but before you do: how did you find Paper 3?

Everyone wants to know why integration was on the statistics paper, while the rest of the exam really divided opinion...

Here's how the internet reacted - and add to the conversation about the paper on The Student Room using the links below.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Umm...why did integration turn up uninvited?

A few people thought it went well...

...but most are feeling cursed

But bros…A-level Maths, it’s over. It's so over.

What people are saying about A-level Maths Paper 3 on The Student Room

The mechanics were okay but what were the statistics questions ????. did anyone get the X=x one


mechanics > stats. ran out of time and had to miss 3 questions completely. honestly quite sad about it because when i had a look at the last mechanics question i could have easily answered it 


That was absolutely disgusting, mech was somewhat okay but stats on the other hand-

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