Students react after A-level Physics Paper 2 on 9 June 2023

Physics concept art

Back for another round...

On we go with A-level Physics part 2. And after the first paper was such a head scratcher, plenty of people had fingers crossed for a kinder exam today. 

Yeah...about that...

But how was it for you? Below we've got some of the top reactions and memes from around the web - and you can also hit the links to join the discussions on the forum.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


It's always good to see a friendly first question

Just a shame about what came next...

And after all that time spent revising magnetic fields

Sometimes it's just not easy to make the numbers add up

What people are saying about A-level Physics Paper 2 on The Student Room

lol I spent most of yesterday revising magnetic fields, only for it not to pop up (there were a few multiple choice Qs on it though).


So glad there was no magnetic field questions.
But that probably means paper 3 will have a magnetic fields practical Q :/


there's a lot of people here saying that paper 2 was alright, was there anyone else who is like me, and now feeling oh god I hope paper 3 goes well

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