Students react after A-level Physics Paper 3 on 15 June 2023

Physics concept art

Let's get physical

Well, Paper 3 was a doozy. The question is: have you finished A-level Physics or has A-level Physics finished you?

Just when you thought the first two papers were as tough as it could get, Paper 3 defied physics and came out in full force.

Keep scrolling for some strong reactions from the internet, and use the links below to chat about the final physics paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


It couldn’t possibly be any harder than Paper 1, could it?

It was long and hard, to say the least

The highs were high...and the lows were low

Relax, you've finished physics now (unless it finished you first!)

What people are saying about A-level Physics Paper 3 on The Student Room

That was the worst paper I’ve ever done like I just skipped through all of section A. Turning points was a gift thank god


IM SO DOOMED WHAT WAS SECTION A?! astro was nice tho


I’m gonna be saying goodbye to my unis because section A was impossible and I gained max 5 marks.

Astrophysics was so easy though xx

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