Students react after A-level Psychology Paper 3 on 3 June 2024

Psychology concept art

Psych out

A-level Psychology is officially a weight off your shoulders - phew! But how was Paper 3?

There was some bad behaviour from Angel and Vera, while AQA also took things too far with those 16 markers.

Here’s the latest reaction to the exam. And don’t forget, you can chat about the final psychology paper on The Student Room - just tap the links below.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Angel's definitely no angel...

...and neither is Vera

AQA got a bit carried away with the 16 markers

But at least psychology is over...unless you're taking it at uni

What people are saying about A-level Psychology Paper 3 on The Student Room

i think it went really well!! all 3 essays were beautiful imo, so glad that the aggression essay was so nice with being able to choose what social psychological explanations to use. i am now free from psychology!!!!!!! congrats everyone u have all worked so hard 🥳


They were so mean with 3x 16 markers and 2x8 markers we basically had 4x 16 markers. That was evil. Its so annoying when you know the content but you cant write it all😔😔 the ao2s were so meaty like there was so much to unpack but clock was RUNNING


That paper reference question was disgusting

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