Students react after A-level Psychology Paper 3 on 5 June 2023

psychology students

Let's piece it together

You can breathe a sigh of relief, because A-level Psychology is officially a weight off your shoulders…and the memes have been coming in for Paper 3. 

Jay’s been drowning in his own thoughts, while Bob and Michael’s daughters are known to enjoy a nice swim. Although some people have a lot of explaining to do…

Here’s the latest reaction to the exam. And don’t forget, you can take a deeper dive into Paper 3 on The Student Room - just follow these links…

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Jay's been drowning in his own thoughts...

...while Bob and Mike’s daughters went for a pleasant dip in the pool

But a few people have some explaining to do

You are finally free from psychology! (Well, at least some are...)

What people are saying about A-level Psychology Paper 3 on The Student Room

that was such an awful paper for relationships and aggression and stress bc they reused so many topics from last year?? and para social relationships came up as an essay question for the 3rd time wtf is that they had so many opportunities for stuff they’ve never used


that was kind of good omg… the only questions i struggled with were the 16 markers on schizophrenia and I&D, other than that every other question was great. AGGRESSION ESPECIALLY WAS IMPECCABLE.


loved the exam but my timing was off. spent only 10 mins on last section 😭 my hands are killing me… wish i could’ve had more time to write more for aggression and the schizophrenia essay since i actually revised those

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