Students react after A-level Sociology Paper 3 on 14 June 2023

Sociology concept art

Going global

So it was finally time to round off A-level Sociology - with a Paper 3 focused on crime and punishment.

But how did it go...were you on the end of a harsh sentence or did you get time off for good behaviour?

AQA students certainly had something to say about the reappearance of a certain topic - take a look at the reactions below and tap the links for the latest discussion about the final sociology paper.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Ah no, they wouldn't would they...?

Oh, yep. Yep, they really would...

Still, there were some other topics if you looked really hard

And - either way - sociology is DONE


What people are saying about A-level Sociology Paper 3 on The Student Room

Predictions were accurate
Better than paper 2 for me

Lemon 24

I think it went well but hated that globalisation came up again and the realisms explicitly didn't aha


i finished the exam early (timetable clash!) i didn’t mind the left wing and police recorded Q (cldnt think of much points for police tbh) but the socialisation question threw me off i’m so glad i revised for feminism overall this was my worst paper to be honest i really hope grade boundaries will be fair for this paper because it’s not looking good

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