Students react after GCSE Biology Paper 1 on 10 May 2024

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And it's go time

After all that waiting and stressing, today brought the first big GCSE paper for a lot of people. So how did it go?

There were questions to get hearts racing, along with some serious number crunching to really magnify the emotions.

You'll find some of the top reactions from around the internet right here. And remember you can find everyone talking about Paper 1 on The Student Room as well - here are those links...

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Some went running straight into four six markers…

Those exam boards…they’re all heart

But you know that feeling when…

It's just all so conflicted…

What people are saying about GCSE Biology Paper 1 on The Student Room

For all of those who did biology paper 1 today, how did you guys find it?

Idk lots of people I spoke to said it was easy but that was the most difficult exam paper I have ever sat but idk if I’m just over reacting 😭


gang, for me personally it was greeaaat - except that magnification question got me scratching me head (AQA Combined Science Higher - Trilogy)


It was okay, but I forgot about sugars being a carbohydrate n only wrote abt starch, Id say the test was mid

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