Students react after GCSE Biology Paper 2 on 7 June 2024

Biology student concept art

So...let’s recap

Some of those questions were just right for this lot

But a potato puzzle was mashing some heads

While another question had people literally counting their chickens

But right now it's last call for the 'never doing biology again' party train…

@nrek07 paper 2 was decent but what was that chicken question… #gcse #aqa #gcses2024 #fyp #foryou #science #biology #chicken #paper2 #meme #viral ♬ original sound - nathan

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That paper was SO BAD. There was hardly any variation in topics in that paper at all. The questions were so unrelated to the syllabus. They obviously like chickens and maize 😭


doesn't anyone realise there was basically a copy question off the 2018 paper?? and kidney basically came up every year 😭 but I kinda did flunk the chicken question


Here are my answers
2190 for chicken maths
Hormone one was talking about progesterone and oestrogen in the pill inhibiting LH and FSH then ivf
I got 37% for percentage of tadpoles after 4 weeks
50 x 50 = 2500 cos 2 recessive alleles give u cf.
crops were talking about killing weeds to more minerals water space etc for the plant and it was resistant so wasn’t killed or damaged by herbicide
Can’t remember anymore

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