Students react after GCSE Business Paper 2 on 5 June 2024

Working on a business concept art

Close of business

It's time to execute your GCSE Business exit strategy - but did you boom or bust in Paper 2?

Popeyes and Cineworld took the centre stage in that exam. Chicken and cinema? Huh, that doesn't sound so bad. 

Here's how the internet reacted to Paper 2 - and tap the link below to chat about GCSE Business on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

It was a cinematic experience

And now everyone's hungry

@sfsf.x finna become a loyal customer to popeyes rq #gcse2024 #gcsebusiness #fyp ♬ original sound - cez

At least the projections are positive

After some tough negotiations, GCSE Business is now a done deal!

What people are saying about GCSE Business Paper 2 on The Student Room

was ok. the 6marker about drawbacks of productivity was tricky but I talked about them need to take more staff so more specialized chefs and that cost a lot of money so increased cost and decreased profit and therefore less chance to retain profit to renew how the restaurant look like to attire new costumers


For the 12 marker I wrote about the importance of price but for my second paragraph I talked about there are other important things that cineworld can do like promotion and advertisement then wrote my conclusion. Is that correct?



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