Students react after GCSE Chemistry Paper 1 on 17 May 2024

chemistry concept art

Mr Bond, I've been expecting you...

So that's 'pens down' on GCSE Chemistry Paper 1, and one question in particular has prompted some explosive reactions.

Out of all the topics that came up, it was those bond energies that have polarised the population. So which are you: team 392 or team 947? 

Scroll down for the top reactions from this exam - and follow the links below to check the conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Alright then, about that bond energies question…

Meanwhile, some people were hitting the mind blanks

While others got just what they wanted

And AQA even made it onto a few people’s Christmas card lists

What people are saying about GCSE Chemistry Paper 1 on The Student Room

what was the bond question i got 947.125 and lots did but i think its wrong?


So everyone got either 392 or 947…
I got 1033💀


Trusting aqa to be logical is a wild method of proof

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