Students react after GCSE Chemistry Paper 2 on 13 June 2023

Chemistry concept art

Luckily it's perfect ice cream weather...

Boom! GCSE Chemistry has gone out with a bang. But did you have a blast with Paper 2?

That exam was a mixed bag, it was either a scrumdiddlyumptious cake or it blew up in your face. And get the break-up ice cream out...there's no chemistry anymore!

Here are some explosive reactions from the internet, and dive deeper into the paper on The Student Room using the links in the box. 

Exam discussion on The Student Room


No one's gassing up AQA after those gas tests

It was either a scrumdiddlyumptious cake or it blew up in your face

Why was there so much chemistry in that chemistry paper?

But get the break-up ice cream out...there's no more chemistry anymore!

What people are saying about GCSE Chemistry Paper 2 on The Student Room

The paper was so easy, didnt struggle on anything except why different chromatography paper changes the rf value. AQA redeemed themselves from Biology paper 2 with this one.


My "rate of reaction" was fast when answering those rate of reaction questions...
and then I see NPK fertilisers...:confused:
I somehow got lucky there though 


Did anyone else find today's paper much nicer than paper 1..... But still quite horrible.....

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