Students react after GCSE English Language Paper 1 on 23 May 2024

English Language concept art

It's a love (?) story

Maturity levels are being tested after GCSE English Language Paper 1, thanks to someone's name...

At least Dick and Mary are proof that if couple’s therapy fails, it's time to let an exam paper throw your relationship under a bus. Hey, it could work.

But how was Paper 1 for you? Here are some top reactions from around the web - and hit the links below to chat about it on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Apparently Dick was living up to his name... least everyone was mature about it

But it's good to get out, get the pen working

And no one was short of inspiration

What people are saying about GCSE English Language Paper 1 on The Student Room

It wasn’t too bad but I think last years paper was better although I did answer all the questions decently
I did the picture description for question 5


Was anyone else fighting the urge to quote Ozymandias in question 5, or was that just me?


Bro the amount of times I wrote “dick”

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