Students react after GCSE English Language Paper 2 on 6 June 2024

student with pencil concept art

That's all she wrote

There we go, it's the end of the final chapter and you've closed the book on GCSE English.

Bleary-eyed doctors made a welcome appearance, while the ultimate downfall of capitalism was unexpectedly high on the agenda.

Scroll down for some of today's top memes - and join the chat about the paper on The Student Room using the links below. 

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Now this opening source didn’t hurt one bit

Morals were being stretched

But the hits kept on coming

And just like that, GCSE English is actually over. Time to go celebrate…

What people are saying about GCSE English Language Paper 2 on The Student Room

YEAAARRRHHHHHHHGH🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳 good yummy, don’t wanna jinx but tell me why there were actual language methods like extended metaphor and similes and not just imperative language 😼💯💯


I m confused a bit, so in question 5 i wrote against choosing future Career just to get a nice title and make money and felt quite confident however after the exam one of my friends told me that u were supposed to write for it because the questions said so.


All I know is I don’t wanna go into medicine anymore 😂😂

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