Students react after GCSE English Literature Paper 1 on 13 May 2024

English Literature concept art

Some good, some bad…that was a real Jekyll and Hyde

That’s the first GCSE English Literature paper finished – nice. So how was it? 

Lady Macbeth was the strong female character everyone was hoping for, while A Christmas Carol caused some serious soul-searching.

Scroll down to see how the internet reacted to the exam. And tap the links below to chat about Paper 1 on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Lady Macbeth was *chef's kiss*

But Jekyll and Hyde? Pure evil...

…and Christmas definitely didn’t come early

But it's not all doom and gloom!

What people are saying about GCSE English Literature Paper 1 on The Student Room

i thought it was lightwork, i smashed the romeo and juliet and jekyll and hyde questions out the park. the extracts were a blessing from AQA 😍 thank god i thought they were gonna super hard cus we're not covid years anymore technically


I’m feeling much more confident now because the questions were beautiful and I managed to finish both questions


Guys I didn't use the extract in Jekyll and Hyde am I cooked? 😭

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