Students react after GCSE English Literature Paper 2 on 20 May 2024

English Literature concept art

Tick that one off the list…

Well that’s one intense way to start your Monday. But, having cleared two-and-a-bit hours of English exam before lunch, you can now say one thing with certainty. GCSE English Lit is done.

The inspector called on AQA students with a social change question that answered quite a few prayers, while Edexcel’s unseen poetry selection had people welling up in the exam hall.

We've picked out some of the most choice reactions from around the web - scroll down to take a look. And remember, there's chat about paper 2 on The Student Room, just hit the links below.

GCSE English Literature Paper 2 discussion on The Student Room

It’s OK to be emotional

That game of ‘guess the poem they’ll pick…’ can get brutal. But when you win…

Those questions were fighting talk for some folk

But back to the really big news

What people are saying about GCSE English Literature Paper 2 on The Student Room

The AIC question was quite nice and I think I did well on that (I did the Mrs Birling one)
The anthology question wasn’t too bad and I compared it to When We Two Parted but I don’t think i compared them properly
the whole of unseen poetry was shambolic bc I didn’t even understand either if the poems or the questions 😭


guys what was that lotf question
I did the leadership one but started to talk about how innate evil means democracy and dictatorships both fail and something about corruption of our own society for leadership???? Idek would that be ok??? 😭


the unseen poetry actually made me tearful

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