Students react after GCSE French Reading & Listening on 14 May 2024

French concept art

No spoilers...but oh la la!

GCSE French students can now say au revoir to the reading and listening papers. So what's the gossip?

That exam was basically a soap opera. Today’s episode includes a broken tooth from a botched proposal, a crush on someone’s mum and a disaster of a school trip.

Keep scrolling for some of the internet’s best reactions. And tap the links below to find discussions about the French papers on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

OMG tell us everything…how did he propose?

He’s got a crush on who?

Ah, nothing beats a good school trip…

Storylines aside, WHAT was that exam?!

What people are saying about GCSE French Reading & Listening on The Student Room

Good, but some mad romantic drama tho lol


reading was 8.5/10, listening was 5.5/10


Y’all what on earth did the person eat to make them feel ill? I guessed sandwiches 😭

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