Students react after GCSE Geography Paper 1 on 17 May 2024

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Are we nearly there yet?

It's been a week full of exams, but GCSE Geography Paper 1 is now in the bag.

Some found themselves foxed by a question about animal adaptations, while others felt the chill of a tricky glacier topic.

But how was it for you? Check out the best of the reactions from TikTok, X and The Student Room below - and hit the links for more chat about the papers from each of the exam boards.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Things that just aren't right #492: having a double exam day on a Friday

These folk were more ready than they expected

But not everyone felt so blessed

And there are always some curveballs being handed out

What people are saying about GCSE Geography Paper 1 on The Student Room

I wrote about dune for the hot environments 9 marker, am I cooked?


how’s that related ? but you might still get some marks if you said something relevant i guess


I loved that test so much. I can’t believe AQA did environments 9 marker again so that threw me a bit but I think i’ve messed up somewhere because I ended up having half an hour to do one nine marker at the end 💀

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