Students react after GCSE Geography Paper 2 on 5 June 2024

Geography student concept art

Nine marks for what again?

So you’ve steered a course through GCSE Geography Paper 2, but was it rock hard or plain sailing? 

There were definitely some curveballs - and if you had your head around topics like water and energy conservation and the map of Africa, that could have turned out pretty handy.

We’ve pulled together some of the best memes and reactions from around the socials, while the links below will take you straight to the exam conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

There were some harsh nine markers…and one in particular

And although there were marks on offer for spelling….

…it seems nobody told the exam boards that

But now it's done, hopefully you're feeling some of these

What people are saying about GCSE Geography Paper 2 on The Student Room

there ain’t no way they threw in a 9 marker about a literal LINE on the spec 💀


my urban nine marker about conservation of water an energy was so atrocious. One of my paragraphs was only one sentence 😭


those 9 markers were so bad, the first one especially- our teacher didn't give us any case studies for either so I had to adapt one for energy and the water one I talked about some random greywater

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