Students react after GCSE Geography Paper 3 on 14 June 2024

Geography student concept art

Pens down, everybody

So farewell then, GCSE Geography. Paper 3 is in the can, and freedom from GCSEs is beckoning… 

But did you navigate today’s paper with ease…or was your geographical knowledge disappearing down the drain?

We’ve rounded up some of the top reactions to the exam from around the internet. And in the links below, you can see all the exam chat on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

AQA GCSE Geography Paper 3 (8035/3) - 14th June 2024 [Exam Chat]
Edexcel GCSE Geography A Paper 3 (1GA0 03) - 14th June 2024 [Exam Chat]


Before the paper even started, people had questions of their own

Maybe even the exam boards were losing their focus by now

But GCSEs are finishing, so it's hard to stress

Ah sorry...did we say GCSEs are finishing? Maybe not quite...

What people are saying about GCSE Geography Paper 3 on The Student Room

I think the physical geography question about the drainage or relief is horrible


Did anyone else miss the bar chart and pie chart you had to fill in?!!!!!



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